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10 useful tips for a healthy aquarium

10 useful tips for a healthy aquarium

Whether you own a freshwater or saltwater aquarium, maintenance is required to keep your fish in appropriate and healthy condition and to maintain the cleanliness and clarity of water.

These are basic tips and guidelines to help make your fish heather and promote a more enjoyable, fun experience with your aquarium:

  1. When washing the aquarium gravel, rocks, and ornaments, do not use soap or detergents as they are highly toxic to fish. You do need to keep their aquatic surroundings clean, but not completely sterile, which can be even more harmful to your fish.
  2. IMG_405155_1Be careful that you don’t over feed your fish. Feed them about once every other day. Over-feeding your fish will increase the ammonia level in your tank, which is damaging to them.
  3. Keeping the aquarium glass clean both inside and out is important, to keep algae under control. First, scrub inside glass with an algae scraper. Then, for the outside glass, apply some vinegar to a paper towel, and wipe the surface. Avoid commercial cleaners as they can be harmful to fish if accidentally mixed in with the water source.
  4. To maintain ideal water conditions and prevent the buildup of dangerous chemicals in new aquariums, perform water changes  every two weeks by removing 20% of the tank’s volume and replacing it with clean (de-chlorinated) water.
  5. Use a net daily to remove any debris floating in the water.
  6. Wipe away visible salt creep every day or two if you have a marine aquarium.
  7. Check often to ensure all the filters, lights, heaters, protein skimmers and other tank components are securely plugged in, leak-free and working well.
  8. If your filter uses multiple disposable cartridges, alternate changing them out so you’re not introducing a slew of entirely new filters into your system at once, and removing all the beneficial bacteria. If permanent cartridges are used, rinse them in some of the siphoned-out water or de-chlorinate a batch for cleaning purposes.
  9. It is important to introduce fish gradually over a number of weeks and not to overstock your aquarium.
  10. Fishes need light in order to see the food. You can turn your overhead tank light on for several hours a day to promote a ‘day cycle’ for your fish, and shut it off at night. Never place a fish tank near the window to exploit natural sunlight as this will promote algae growth.

Fishes need extra care and love just like humans do. So, if you can provide them with the best aquarium that you can, they will surely appreciate it.

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