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Things that could scare your cat or dog

Things that could scare your cat or dog

Cats and dogs can be frightened of things that you may not have ever thought of as scary. Knowing what scares your pet is important so you can handle its behavior at that time and try to comfort it.Scared Cat

You can watch your pet’s behavior. There are certain signs that indicate that it may be scared and not feeling comfortable. Hissing, growling and hiding are all behaviors that can indicate your kitty is scared. When your dog becomes frightened, it may escape or show an unusual destructive behavior.

scared-dogThe triggers for a pet’s fears vary, depending on your particular pet’s history and prior socialization as a youngster. However, there are some things that scare most of cats or dogs or both of them in common. Here are some of these:

-       Loud noises commonly scare both cats and dogs, whether coming from a vacuum cleaner, hairdryer or outdoor fireworks.

-       Thunder is a sound a lot of dogs and cats are scared of.

-       Dogs get scared by things that are unfamiliar or confusing to them. Wild animals that wander into their yard can make a dog nervous.

-       The addition of a second cat or dog to your home can scare your current kitty. This new animal is viewed as an invader into your cat’s territory, which he considers your home.

-       Dogs get scared of snakes hidden in tall grass, a trip to the vet, and getting their toenails clipped.

-       A kitty that wasn’t exposed to a variety of people as a kitten be scared by the arrival of one of your friends.

-       Some dogs get scared riding in a car, being yelled at, and being around unfamiliar dogs or people.


While having some fears is normal, a constantly fearful pet isn’t, which requires a trip to the vet. Many fear-related problems can be successfully resolved. If left untreated, however, your pet’s fearful behavior will probably get worse.

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