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When is your female cat ready to mate?

When is your female cat ready to mate?

Estrus (“heat”) is the mating period of female animals. When estrus occurs, animals are said to be “in heat” or “in season”. Unlike dogs, who generally have only two mating cycles a year, female cats can come into heat (estrous cycle) several times a year. This usually happens in the spring and autumn, when there is more than 12 hours of light per day.

An unspayed female cat typically reaches sexual maturity at around six months of age, although Oriental breeds such as Siamese cats can have their first heat as early as 5 months, while Persians may be 10 months old before they become sexually mature.

siamese-cat-rollingOnce a cat comes on heat, she will cycle continuously until she’s bred. There are some signs that can help you know that your cat is ready to mate.  She starts getting very vocal, and as the urge to mate becomes more pronounced, her meows can even start sounding like cries of pain. You’ll notice that she starts rubbing her ears, head and bottom on objects around the house, other cats and pet owners. She will be extremely affectionate. If you pet her near her hips, she will assume the mating position: on the floor with her back legs raised slightly to put herself into a swaybacked position and her tail moved to the side.

A significant behavior is spraying a pungent-smelling urine full of estrogen on vertical objects in the house such as walls and the sides of furniture.

Because she’s overwhelmed by the urge to mate, your kitten will try to get out of your house at every possible opportunity.

Once cats have mated, the female will go out of heat and be satisfied. If she is not pregnant, she may go into heat again in a few weeks.

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