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Cat toilet triaining

Cat toilet triaining

Cats can be trained to use the toilet instead of the litter box. The advantages are many: A house free of the potent stench—and mess—of a litter box, No more cleaning out cat litter boxes and You will eliminate the need to ever again buy cat litter thus making real monetary savings.

However, this process takes patience, takes time (weeks up to many months), and preferably, it takes an extra toilet dedicated to cat business, but it can be done!

Cat toilet trainingThe methods vary, but the process mostly starts by gradually moving your cat’s litter box closer and closer to the toilet. Once the cat is accustomed to the box’s new location, begin the process of elevating the litter box—again, every few days or even weeks—until it is level to the toilet seat. Move the box over 1 inch (2 1/2 cm) onto the seat. Repeat daily until the box is directly over the seat.

Once the cat is jumping up comfortably to get into his litter box, buy a metal bowl or tray that will fit snugly inside the toilet bowl. It would be advisable for the metal bowl to have small draining holes. Fill the bowl with cat litter (preferably the flushable type). Now remove your cat’s litter box entirely. If you have reached this step successfully you are very close to having a toilet trained cat!

Start using less and less cat litter. When you basically don’t use any cat litter inside the bowl anymore, start gradually filling the bowl with water. When the water level in the bowl has reached about 4cm and your cat has no problem using it, it is time to remove the bowl entirely. Your cat should now be toilet trained.

You have to observe your cat’s behavior through this whole process. Make sure you aren’t moving on too fast and make sure that each step takes its enough time till the cat is completely used to it.

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